The story of CarbonShack is to educate and support that any building humankind makes can be more sustainable, holistic and green. A unique architecture firm that designs by maximizing the use of reclaimed, recycled and low impact materials, alongside employing highly efficient systems to reduce the environmental footprint of residential buildings. This brand design case study walks through the initial branding, illustrative infographics and gamified website UX created with verynice to open source the possibilities of how we create our buildings and home.
Created infographic illustrations. Contributed to brand identity, UX/UI website design and system design.
Outlining the brand identity with CarbonShack meant fusing a traditional home idea with an elevated sense of belonging in the environment. Ultimately what was chosen was the watercolor direction that ebbed and flowed like an environmental cycle, utilizing bright colors and a deliberate storytelling through illustration.
The first half of the project focused on analyzing the complexity of building a house, breaking down the process into five major sections. Isometric illustrations give a sense of clarity in chaos by allowing users to picture all sides of every step. The stackable infographic would maintain a limited color palette, biomedical motifs and clear connection as a poster design. From print to digital, consumers can easily self-educate viewing the visual story of how a building gets made. The skeleton, organs and skin contributes to the environmental and economic footprint for a green house,  each layer nested relying on the last one.
The next steps for CarbonShack led to an innovative website that allowed user education through site exploration. As in depth as the information was, scaling the details under main navigation sections as well as allowing the site to evolve as a building-construction resource was a huge undertaking. Overtime through meetings and revisions about the user experience, the plan expanded to a multi-screened site navigation that was as open source as the information, and provided a variety of teaching tools for different kinds of learners.
The website user interface brought to life the brand established originally for CarbonShack. Using colors, textures and similar illustration line art helped define several complex pages and sections. 
Specifically unique to the interface proposal was the gamification of the "Build Your CarbonShack" web portal. The user could imagine what constructing their next home, office or building would be like, and how their choices affect the environmental and economic costs. Similar to any character builder program, the development team would work with the design team to create this intuitive tool to work seamlessly between screen choices while displaying the gravity of their carbon footprint live via a Carbon Calculator. Lastly, users can have the end result be saved or shared for future reference in their next build.

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