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"Olivia is a rare breed of professionals who masters both sides of her brain. Not only is she a true artist in soul and spirit, but she's also very organized and structured in thought and communication. In other words, she's a dream member of any creative marketing team."
- Susannah Kim, VP of Marketing
Olivia Sy (she/they) is a visual experience designer and illustrator striving to communicate purpose with craft globally. Liv aims to thread narratives of human experiences, sustainability and social impact with experience in branding, product design, UX/UI, marketing and illustration. They're often lost in tourist traps, craving cinema, and raising rabbits. 

For current work, please contact for info and access.

Art Direction, UX & UI, Branding, Systems Design, Editorial Design, Design Consultation, Product Design, Illustration, Photography

They also goes by Liv Sy.
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Olivia Sy has created for American Heart Association, Converse, Heal The Bay, Downtown Women's Center, AIDS Life/Cycle, UNESCO, California Community Foundation, FreeFrom, Clean Power Alliance, Creators for Justice, PeaceJam Foundation, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority,  Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Secret Movie Club, Filipino Migrant Center, Side Street Projects, Social Justice Learning Institute, verynice, 826LA, Cabeau, KindTraveler, Double Vision: The Musical, Quarter Zero, and Their Mom.
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