I contributed to the digital and printed annual report for the California Community Foundation (CCF), a century-old philanthropic organization in Los Angeles, with the verynice design studio. The 2018 report served to announce a major shift in financial priorities into four categories: immigration, health, housing, and education. To celebrate the intersection of these four impact categories, we developed a multi-visual kaleidoscope theme of intersectional communities fitting together. Color-coded pieces represented specific initiatives and overlaps covered the spectrum of change. This aerial perspective of the CCF brand enhanced the mission impact in the user experience, microsite, layout application, and data visualization.

The digital report microsite were developed in parallel with the report set to print as a booklet for their offices. Interface wireframes were sketched, digitized, and prototyped to ensure omni-channel responsiveness throughout the QA process with the development team and client until launch. Visit the microsite.

Direct contributions: UX wireframes and prototyping, UI design,  web development QA, print layout design, and visual design production.

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