Hey, I'm Olivia.

Designer + illustrator building socially thoughtful systems by playing with pixels.

First 50 Days Toolkit
Systems Design | Toolkit | Illustration
An education toolkit for young entrepreneurs to learn how to start a business, designed as a system taking place over 50 days and approachable at any age.
Branding | Illustration | UX/UI
A systems design case study on teaching about sustainable structures, stemming from brand identity to a gamified interactive experience.
AIDS/LifeCycle: Ride Love Live
Campaign Design | Brand System | Visual Design
A campaign brand, strategy and applications made for cause worth cycling all of California for..
verynice: NDA
Book Design | Visual Design
A ten-year retrospective on verynice's growth after being nominated for the National Design Awards.
California Community Foundation
UX/UI | Annual Report Design
A digital and in-print annual report for the California Community Foundation marking their impact and changes in Los Angeles.
Downtown Women's Action Coalition
Report Design | Illustration
The DWAC's 2016 Needs Assessment Report is a large-scale project used as a trusted resource for the state of women in homelessness.
Art Direction | Visual Design | E-Commerce
Refreshing an e-commerce brand to be more than an ordinary neck pillow.
The RE: Project
Art Direction | PSA Campaign
A case-study addressing the need for gender empathy, continuing the dialouge of feminism and beauty today.
Kabataan Magkaisa Youth Conference
Book Design
A conference guidebook for Filipino Youth and supporters dedicated to serving their communities here and in the Philippines.
Logos & Marks
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