Olivia Sy is a creative designer and illustrator in Los Angeles + SFV, who strives to communicate purpose beyond craft. Dipping her feet in web, motion and photography, she aims to thread human narratives with social impact in her work. She's often found hiking with her camera, over-analyzing films with strangers, selling stickers, and sipping coffee with her rabbits.
b.olivia.sy@gmail.com  |  CV

Honored to have contributed work to the following clients:
verynice, 826LA, Heal The Bay, Downtown Women's Center, AIDS Life/Cycle, UNESCO, California Community Foundation, FreeFrom, Clean Power Alliance, PeaceJam Foundation, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Austin Civic Orchestra, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Secret Movie Club, Filipino Migrant Center, Side Street Projects, The BOSCO, The Nora Project, Timescale, Cabeau, KindTraveler, Double Vision: The Musical, Allen Printing & Graphic Design and My Mom